Business, Anyone?
If you are a retail automobile salesperson, think of yourself from this day forward as being a business within a business, because that's exactly what you are. Read More

When I ask people if they would like to do better (career-wise) this year than last, they say, "Absolutely, yes!" When I then ask what they plan to do to accomplish this they respond: "I'm going to work harder, have a better attitude and have more enthusiasm." These things are admirable and, of course, essential to being successful at anything. Read More

April Showers
We've all heard the old saying: "April showers bring May flowers." Guess what? April prospecting brings May sales, too. Springtime is here and there's no better time to plant seeds for future business than now. Read More

Deliberate Intent
Did you ever observe that there are a few people at the dealership who move a little quicker than the others? They are not necessarily in a hurry and don't appear rushed, but there is a noticeable spring in their step, an undeniable purpose with which they engage daily activities. Read More

Rule Number One?
We've all heard or read: Rule Number One: "Take care of the customer or someone else will." Is this, in fact, rule number one? Read More