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I have been a sales representative for Bill Gatton Honda-Nissan in Bristol, Tennessee for 37 years. Good fortune has certainly come my way throughout this period. After graduating from King College in 1981 with a degree in business and economics, I entered a profession in which I have made a career - selling cars. As a matter of fact, I have developed the position to one of a business within a business.

In February, 1993, my desire to share my approach with others led to the formation of the Chip Thomas Sales Development Company which has evolved into Chip Thomas Consulting. I am still selling full time and although I have had multiple offers to pursue management or a franchise partnership (for reference or confirmation, contact Mr. Bill Gatton at 423.764.5121 ), I declined these opportunities because I had a different dream. My ultimate goal was sales training and consulting which I have now conducted for over 25 years.

I have the knowledge, expertise, and communication techniques necessary to develop and improve other salespeople, in any field.


My philosophy is to do much more than spend the day reciting motivational quotes and theory. I believe in "substance", not show. My training format is personalized. I will have direct interaction with each individual. Your salespeople will listen to me - they will relate. Relate is the key word. They will relate to me because I'm real.

Lack of productivity in many cases is not due to lack of knowing what to do - it is in lack of implementation. Lack of implementation is due to lack of self-motivation. This is what is unique about my sales training and consulting. Your staff will become more motivated because they will see that I do this very successfully each day in today's market - I continue to sell an average of 3 days each week. Therefore, it is believable and it is real. The instructor's credibility and perspective directly influences the student's receptiveness.

There are plenty of sales books and videos: but let's face it, most salespeople do not take the initiative to utilize this material. They will listen to me and how I do it. Why? Because I'm a regular person just like most of them. They will say, "If he can do that, so can I!"

My dealer, Mr. Bill Gatton, approves and endorses my sales training and consulting. As a matter of fact, he is a client, contracting my services to conduct seminars at his stores in Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas.

When you choose to sign up with me, be assured I will do my best to improve your staff and make them better. You will see the results and reap the benefits.

The members of your organization will be AMAZED that the seminar instructor is still a retail automotive salesperson. They will become inspired, influenced, and motivated beyond belief.

Education and Accomplishments

  • NADA Convention Workshop Speaker-2008-San Francisco, CA
  • NADA Convention Workshop Speaker-2009-New Orleans, LA
  • Education - King College-1981 B.A. Degree-Concentration: Business & Economics
  • 1981 to Present - 37 Years- Bill Gatton Honda-Nissan
  • Total New and Used Vehicles Sold: OVER 7,000
  • 100% of Business is now Repeat or Referral
  • One of Top 10 Honda Salespeople Nationally -1987
  • Featured in the Following 6 American Honda National Sales Training Videos:
    1989 Prelude 4WS Walkaround - Los Angeles, CA
    1989-Prospecting - Hollywood, CA
    1989-Road to a Sale - Bristol, TN
    1990 Accord Walkaround - Los Angeles, CA
    1991 Accord Wagon Walkaround - Hollywood, CA
    1993 Accord Walkaround - Los Angeles, CA
  • Introduced 1990 Accord Sedan - National Dealer Meeting/New Car Show - September, 1989 - Nashville, TN
  • Introduced 1991 Accord Wagon - National Dealer Meeting/New Car Show - September, 1990 - San Antonio, TX
  • #1 Honda Salesperson (Bill Gatton Honda) - past 37 years
  • #1 Salesperson (Gross Profit Producer - entire Bill Gatton Organization) - past combined 37-year period
  • 1992 American Honda National Walkaround Champion
  • Introduced 1996 Acura RL (30 minute "walkaround" presentation) - Acura Dealer's Port Drive- Away Meeting - February, 1996-Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Amelia Island, FL
  • N.A.D.A. Sales certification program trainer-certified instructor - 1996 to 1999
  • Featured in Car Dealer Insider magazine (October, 1992 & November, 1994).