I’ve known Chip Thomas for about ten years now and I recommend his services without hesitation.  I’m the sixth generation in my family to carry on the tradition of selling automobiles.  You’d think by now we’d have it all figured out.  Chip has been a real inspiration to us and constantly reminds us of the basics in customer service, customer retention and the philosophy of running “a business within a business.”  My sales consultants don’t fight us when it’s time to go to his seminar or watch his DVDs.  Instead, they look forward to it because Chip is one of them.  He comes with so much credibility because he still sells cars and practices the fundamentals that he teaches.  His life story alone is inspirational and worth the price of admission, but his teaching style and ability to motivate your sales staff is unprecedented.

Thank you, Chip, for helping me develop my staff into an effective team.  For your friendship, your support and for your prayers I will be grateful.”

Blessings multiplied,
Tim Glockner…Dealer
Glockner Honda-Toyota
Portsmouth, OH

“I would absolutely recommend this seminar to anyone in sales.  Even if they sold toilets.”
Of any training/motivational seminars I’ve been to, which I’ve seen a bunch, this one will be the most beneficial.  I thoroughly enjoyed this and I thank you for sharing with me today.”

Patrick LeDuff…Sales
Team Honda
Baton Rouge, LA

Very creditable and realistic.  This program will help us in dealing with people and raise our gross!  I really feel more like a professional and proud to be a car sales person or consultant.”

James Pitre…Sales
Billy Navarre Chevrolet-Honda-Hyundai
Lake Charles, LA

Glad you came to our dealership, great approach and techniques when it comes to sales.  I picked up valuable information in your seminar.”

Zac McCall…Sales
Billy Navarre Chevrolet-Honda-Hyundai
Lake Charles, LA

Very knowledgeable, great enthusiasm and real world experience.  It is refreshing to attend a seminar by someone who actually lives what he teaches.  Great job, true professional.  Chip’s processes and plans for success in repeat and referral business bring respect and credibility to the automobile business.”

David George…Sales
Nelson Mazda
Tulsa, OK

Chip is amazing, but humble, intense in a good way.  My 2nd time attending and it was just as interesting and enlightening.  It’s a brief lesson in how to live your life not just sell.  Just plain outstanding, entertaining and above all else, helpful.”

Charlie Rewis…Sales
Reynolds Automotive Group
Oklahoma City, OK

It simply works-and it is all about integrity.  Outstanding-Outstanding job!”

Dale Daniels…Dealer
Reynolds Automotive Group
Oklahoma City, OK

Best seminar to date.  Any salesperson can improve their sales and income if you implement this plan.  Very well prepared and I would attend again if offered.”

Terrell Boudreaux…Manager
Team Toyota
Baton Rouge, LA

INSPIRING! This is what we, here at San Francisco Toyota, think of you. What you have done in one day with my sales force has been truly amazing. INSPIRING! That's you, Chip Thomas!

Without a doubt, I can honestly say that your "Sail to Success" Seminar has reached each member of our sales force, unlike the many sales seminars we have had our sales force attend. By sharing your activities and habits, you have inspired and have motivated my team to "bring back the basics" into each of their day-to-day activities. More importantly, you have inspired each team member to be "true" professionals through time management, effective communication and creating a customer base that will develop into "advocates for life."

Already, I am seeing results. Hand-written notes are now being sent out; thus, discontinuing our "generic" dealership "thank you" letter; desk files are being reorganized to save time; balloons are on new car deliveries; and, more importantly, during the last few days, we're seeing an improvement in our new car grosses. You have taught them to have "no fear" when asking for the sale and for the price.

Dealerships spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to train their sales team to become professionals in an effort to improve sales volume and profit, with little and poor results. Based on the results I am seeing, we consider "Sail to Success" an excellent return on our investment."
(April 2008)

Thank you,
Douglas Donnellan
Vice President & General Manager
San Francisco Toyota
San Francisco, CA

I've been hiring speakers for 36 years for Association Events. This was the best one day sales session I've ever participated in. Thanks."
(May 2008)

Robert M. Ramsey, CAE
Director Of Dealer Services
Virginia Automobile Dealers Association

The Chip Thomas "Sail To Success" seminars hosted by SCADA in Charleston, Greenville, and Columbia have blown away the attendance records for any SCADA events ever held. Over 300 Dealers, Managers and Salespeople were on hand to experience the finest sales and customer satisfaction seminar that this writer has ever witnessed. Judging by the evaluation forms of the attendees, especially the Salespeople, the general consensus is "I have been to a lot of seminars and heard a lot of speakers, but never have I learned as much or been inspired as much as I was today. Chip Thomas is not just a trainer, he's a car salesman first and then a trainer. He has walked in my shoes before. Thanks Chip, your presentation was just awesome!"
(August 2007)

Patrick E. Watson
Executive Vice President
South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association

I have been selling cars for 15 years and that was the best seminar I have ever been to. Thanks for everything Chip."
(August, 2008)

James Howze
Youmans Chevrolet
Macon, GA

Great for new and experienced people! I've heard a lot over 15 years in the car business, Chip is the best!"

Mike Flaugher...Sales Person
Jack Kain Ford
Versailles, KY 859-873-6666

Great class for rookies and veterans. Truly a great speaker with great ideas. I have benefited a great deal from this class."

Jim Folden...Sales Person
Ramey Toyota
Princeton, WV 304-487-2279

This seminar is real! It isn't like a guy giving helpful info about something he doesn't do. Chip is still active in car sales."

April Mabe...Business Development Manager
Kernersville Chrysler-Dodge
Kernersville, NC 888-656-5791

Very beneficial in today's market. It makes a difference hearing this information from someone who has been in the business a long time and is still there doing what we do!"

Greg Jones...Internet Sales
Prince Automotive
Valdosta, GA 866-560-9556

Fun, entertaining and informative. Fantastic with lots of material. Real world tips on time management. I have been in the business 19 years and heard 2 new closes that were excellent! I thought I had heard them all. Good Closes! Every day common sense stuff that works."

David Scoggins...Sales Person
Lawrence Hall Chevrolet
Abilene, TX 325-695-8800

Came here after 24 years in the business thinking, Why do I have to go? I came away glad I came."

Steve Castillo...Sales Person
Royal Chevrolet
Richmond, VA 804-521-5300

A lot of new material I've never heard before. It's an approach not taught by any other sales consultant I've ever heard. An inspirational, enthusiastic and enlightening seminar."

Andy Glockner...Owner
Glockner Honda-Toyota
Portsmouth, OH 800-837-1072

Tremendous! Informative, exciting and memorable common sense tools. Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience in an exciting format. You used all tools for effective teaching and speaking."

Margie Royall...Sales Person
Arrow Dealerships
Abilene, TX 800-204-5224

Excellent, very involved with audience and lots of great ideas. It is filled with so much great info. I loved that he was not pushing his books, tapes and other info. I thought he was really genuinely interested in helping people and teaching them."

Will Davidson...New & Used Vehicle Manager
Cavender Chevrolet
Boerne, TX 210-477-8300

High credibility, excellent! This is the best selling seminar I've attended in the last 10 years."

Rene Saenz...Internet Sales Manager
Cavender Toyota
San Antonio, TX 210-909-4285

This is by far the best seminar I have attended in 27 years in the automobile business. Even though I am in the Service Department, it applies to us and will definitely help us, too, retain our customers."

Tom Rose...Service Department
Arrow Ford
Abilene, TX 800-204-5224

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